How to Treat a Stress Fracture in Your Foot


Stress fractures (or hairline fractures) in your feet can be caused by the repetitive pounding encountered during hard work, vigorous recreational activities, and competitive sports that involve a lot of running and jumping like tennis, soccer and basketball. 

Another frequent cause of a stress fracture is when a person who has been sedentary for a long period of time decides to suddenly start an exercise program without proper warm-up and preparation. Always start a new exercise regimen slowly and gradually so your body becomes accustomed to the increased activity level to help avoid injury.

Treatment for a stress fracture in your foot

The best way to properly treat a stress fracture is to allow the break to heal completely over many months. A cast or walking boot may be prescribed during the initial healing period and physical therapy exercises are essential to slowly strengthen the foot without causing another injury. Trying to do too much too fast is just asking for prolonged pain and suffering. Introduce sporting and exercise activities gradually. Swimming is an excellent way to get exercise without adding too much stress to your feet and ankles. 

In cases involving a more severe stress fracture, surgery using metal plates or the insertion of pins or other hardware may be necessary. This will be followed by a long recovery period and extensive physical therapy lasting six months or more. 

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