4 Simple Hammertoe Treatments


Hammertoe is the name given to a condition that causes the joints of your middle toes to bend downward from the midpoint. The three middle toes are susceptible to this bending and, although the problem is largely influenced by heredity, it is also exacerbated by poorly-fitting footwear.  

Some signs and symptoms that you are developing hammertoes include the following: 

  • Your toe (or toes) will have an abnormal bend beginning in the middle joint. When the joint at the tip is bent, the condition is referred to as a mallet toe.

  • Redness, swelling, and blistering may be evident from your toes rubbing on the inside of your footwear and from rubbing against each other.

  • People who develop hammertoes are also more likely to have other toe deformities including bunions. Painful corns often develop on the tops of a hammertoe. 

4 simple treatments for hammertoes are:

  1. Custom made orthotic inserts, splints, and braces—Specially-made orthotic devices that are formed to fit your precise foot shape are inserted in your shoes to isolate the hammertoes. These will help rectify the imbalance of force in the toe tendons that is contributing to the bending.

  2. Insulating corn pads—These pads can isolate hammertoe corns and help avoid friction from rubbing against your shoes.

  3. Properly fitted shoes with a wide toe box—Always wear shoes that are fitted to your foot type. Make sure they have a wide toe box and lower heel cups which decreases pressure and friction in the toe area.

  4. Physical therapy exercises—A variety of physical therapy exercises are used to increase flexibility and to strengthen the muscles that connect to the tendons. 

When hammertoes are in the beginning stages, they retain some flexibility and are easier to treat without the need for surgery. Don’t wait until they become worse before you see your foot doctor. Call Achilles Foot and Ankle Surgery, PC located in Martins Ferry, Ohio and St. Clairsville, Ohio, as well as Wheeling West Virginia. With access to advanced technologies, Dr. Bruce G. Blank and his staff can help you manage all of your foot and ankle conditions including heel pain, ankle sprains, toe deformities, fungal toenails, and plantar warts. Call 740-633-4188 or make an appointment online today.