How To Treat Painful Hidden Plantar Warts


Plantar warts are the large and often very painful warts that grow in the plantar fascia, the wide band of tissue that helps to form the arch of your foot. These warts are prone to develop in high-pressure areas on the heel and ball which forces them to grow inward and hidden under thick skin. The only signs will be a bump under the skin and the pain felt whenever you put pressure on the area.  

Since plantar warts can have similar symptoms to other problems—including skin cancer—be certain to have an evaluation at your podiatrist’s office for the proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Treatment methods for painful hidden plantar warts include the following: 

  • Freezing—Your podiatrist can use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and remove it in larger pieces without causing damage to the surrounding skin.

  • Oral medication—The human papillomavirus is the virus that causes all warts. Antiviral medications can be taken to eliminate the virus and prevent warts from growing in the first place, but there may be side effects.

  • Acid peeling—A prescription strength salicylic or other acid is carefully applied to gradually peel away sections of the plantar wart. You can try the commercially available treatment kits but, if the wart isn’t completely eliminated, it will grow back. 

Since warts are caused by a virus, you can help avoid becoming infected by practicing good hygiene. Strive to keep your feet clean and dry, and wear protective shower shoes or sandals in public showers, etc., to decrease your exposure to viruses and bacteria. 

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