Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Causes Nerve Pain


The tarsal tunnel is a groove that exists between part of your ankle bone and a group of tendons that span across the top of your foot. This tunnel is a conduit that carries the nerves, tendons, and blood vessels that allow your foot to move. The tibial nerve is a large nerve that provides feeling for the bottom of your foot. When this nerve becomes pinched and pressed from excess stress and pressure, the pain and discomfort and neuropathy of tarsal tunnel syndrome is the result.

Risk factors and symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome include the following:

●      Having untreated flat feet

●      Inflammation from another foot or ankle injury

●      Diabetes, arthritis, and other systemic diseases

●      Varicose veins

●      Numbness

●      A burning and tingling sensation

●      Acute, sharp, pain in the bottom of the foot

Treatment options include the following:

●      Corticosteroid injections

●      Ibuprofen for pain and swelling

●      Custom orthotic inserts will help to decrease pressure on the nerve and relieve pain

In harder to treat cases, surgery will be required to release pressure on the nerve. Your podiatrist will perform a physical exam followed by imaging studies. Testing such as EMG or nerve conduction analysis will be performed to confirm the diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan.

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