Achilles Tendonitis Treatments


If you have lower calf muscle pain and severe pain in the back of your heel, it’s possible that you have suffered an injury of the Achilles tendon. This is the large, rope-like tendon that connects your calf muscle to your heel bone. When it becomes overstretched from excessive stress and pressure due to exercise, overwork or wearing improper footwear, the result can be Achilles tendonitis.

Some treatment options for Achilles tendonitis include the following:

●     Decrease pain and swelling with medication—Ibuprofen can reduce swelling.

●     Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE)—Rest your foot and wear a rigid boot or use crutches to take pressure off the affected foot. Ice the area for fifteen minutes several times a day. A compression wrap will help minimize movement and reduce swelling. Elevating your leg while lying down will decrease swelling and improve blood circulation.

●     Custom orthotic inserts—Orthotic inserts will help relieve the strain on the tendon and cushion the heel area to prevent further damage and promote healing.

●     Physical therapy exercises—Slowly strengthen and stretch the foot, ankle, and heel areas as the tendon improves. Trying to do too much too fast can cause a reinjury, so coordinate your therapy with your foot doctor to help avoid this.

If the pain in your heel prevents you from standing or walking, you may have a torn or broken Achilles tendon that will require surgery to repair.

If you are suffering from pain in your heel, it is essential to seek the expert care of your foot doctor to ensure proper treatment and recovery. Call Achilles Foot and Ankle Surgery, PC located in Martins Ferry, Ohio and St. Clairsville, Ohio, as well as Wheeling West Virginia. With access to advanced technologies, Dr. Bruce G. Blank and his staff can help you manage all of your foot and ankle conditions including heel pain, ankle sprains, toe deformities, fungal toenails, and plantar warts. Call 740-633-4188 or make an appointment online today.