Painful Plantar Warts


Plantar warts are large warts that grow on the bottom of your foot, but they are not usually considered to be a major health issue. The main problem with these warts is that they often grow on the ball or heel of the foot, where the most pressure comes down when you walk. This can be very painful. Often the wart is hidden under a thick layer of skin, making it difficult to identify without the help of your foot doctor.

Plantar wart signs and symptoms include:

●     A hidden plantar wart will form a bump under the skin of the heel or ball of the foot, with the main indication being the considerable pain that can occur when weight is placed on the foot.

●     Warts that are not hidden under skin calluses will appear grainy and lumpy. Tiny black dots in the middle of warts are called seeds that are the result of clotted capillaries.

Treatments for plantar warts include:

●     Removing the skin that covers the wart can be accomplished with gentle abrasion using a file or sanding stone. Acids of varying strengths can be used to gradually peel away the wart. Your foot doctor can prescribe and apply the stronger acids to avoid any injuries to surrounding skin.

●     Liquid nitrogen is also an excellent method available to your podiatrist to painlessly remove plantar warts, and can be used in combination with acid peels for those that are difficult to treat.

●     Since warts are caused by a virus, antiviral medication may be taken to treat and prevent warts, but there may be side effects.

To avoid coming in contact with the virus, keep your feet clean, dry and protected with shower shoes or sandals whenever you are in gyms, locker rooms, showers, and pool areas.

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