Treating Painful Foot Neuromas


A foot neuroma is sometimes called a nerve tumor, but it is really an inflammation of the tissue that surrounds one of the nerves that supplies feeling and movement for your toes. While there is usually no physical indication of a neuroma, it has been described as feeling like you have a pebble in your shoe. Pain from a neuroma often originates from the ball of the foot and radiates out to the toes, often causing a tingling, pins and needles type of sensation.

Diagnosing a foot neuroma can often be difficult, so it is essential to see a skilled foot doctor for the best care. An X-ray will be taken to check for other causes of the pain such as a stress fracture. In some cases a neuroma can be detected during the physical exam. Ultrasound is also excellent for revealing soft tissue abnormalities like neuromas. More detailed MRI scans are discouraged for this diagnosis since they can show abnormalities that are not producing any symptoms.

Treatments for foot neuromas may include:

●     Proper arch support and padding—the correct arch supports and properly placed pads can relieve pressure and pain.

●     Custom made orthotic insertscan be used to isolate the area and allow healing to occur more rapidly.

●     Cortisone injections—these injections are very effective at eliminating swelling and pain, but may cause undesirable side effects.

If these conservative methods are unsuccessful, your podiatrist may recommend decompression surgery or complete removal of the nerve or growth. Although these procedures may cause the toe to become permanently numb, such an outcome is often preferable to chronic pain.

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