Subungual Nails


Getting out a bottle of nail polish or cleaning your nails can be very satisfying. Not only are they then picture perfect, but they feel healthier too. When cleaning or painting your nails, it is easier to get a better look at their overall health. A clear indicator that something is not quite right is when you see a toenail that has brown or black-colored streaks under the nail. At first, you might think that it is just a bruise, but upon closer inspection you realize it might be a more serious condition such as subungual nails.

Subungual melanoma is less likely to occur in Caucasians and more likely to occur in patients with skin of color. It occurs equally in males and females. In general, it appears more often in people who are 50 or older, but it can develop at any age. When this disorder occurs, it usually appears under the nail of the big toe.

If you notice any colored streak on your nail without any preceding injury, it is wise to see a podiatrist to get checked for subungual melanoma. A true bruise under the nail would disappear slowly over time while this melanoma will stay on the nail permanently.

This condition should be treated as soon as possible as it can help prevent severe complications down the road. Melanoma is a type of cancer and can spread and affect other parts of the body if not taken seriously.

In order to stay proactive, it is important to take good care of your nails. Try to get out once a month for a pedicure to pamper your toes and your feet. This also allows you to stay in tune with the health of your feet and catch any discrepancies before it is too late and irreversible.

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