Calming Your Nerves


If you are living with a neuroma, you know that it can be very painful. It also can interfere with your daily life and abilities. Neuromas can be so painful that they make you immobile for an extended amount of time. Other times, the discomfort from a neuroma can cause you to lose the ability to wear your favorite shoes or take part in a favorite sport. Neuromas can put a damper on anyone’s day, but your podiatrist can help you create a treatment plan to lessen its impact on your life. Here are some tips and tricks a podiatrist may give you to help conquer the pain a neuroma brings:

  • If you suspect you have a neuroma, call a podiatrist for an appointment immediately. They can help assess your situation and help you prevent further pain.
  • When buying a new pair of shoes, consider selecting a pair with a wide toe box. This allows the toes a lot of room to move around. This allows less chance of constriction which can lead to and aggravate a neuroma.
  • When choosing shoes for the day, go for a pair that has low heels and laces that can be adjusted. You do not want your shoe to be too tight or too loose. Both scenarios can cause significant problems and enhance the pain a neuroma causes.
  • Shoes that have thick soles and a shock-absorbent nature can help to take away pressure from the foot and lessen pain.
  • Put away the high heels. They put a lot of pressure and shock on the forefoot. This can lead to the creation of another neuroma and more pain.
  • Rest your feet whenever possible. Rest gives the neuroma a break and can help reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Get some custom orthotics from your podiatrist to help alleviate pain. These orthotics can go directly into your shoes and help to relieve symptoms.

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