Osteoporosis Prevention


Many people strive to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. This is especially true as we begin to age and slow down. Our bodies get more fragile as we age due to the natural weakening of our systems. Some of this weakening is due to use, strain, and time, but other reasons are accidental neglect. One aspect of our health that we often forget about is our bone health. Our bones play an integral role in our lives and are important to our overall health. Our bone health is especially important to our foot health. A common bone condition that can occur in the foot and other parts of the body is called osteoporosis. This condition can be prevented if a person chooses to be proactive – here is how:

Start young – It is never too late to start taking care of your bones. The bones in the body give us our shape and allow us to move about. In life, we hit a time where we are at our peak bone mass. Before this happens, those who partake in regular exercise and eat a diet high in calcium and vitamin D often come out with higher peak bone mass. This helps later on because the bones are less likely to get weak as quickly due to the strong starting point that they are coming from.

Maintain your bone mass – This is done naturally by the body through a process called remodeling. The old bone is slowly replaced by new bone to keep it strong. The higher the peak bone mass is, the higher the replacement bone mass will be.

Eat healthy – Supply yourself with a diet full of vitamin D and calcium. Calcium allows our bones to grow dense and strong. Vitamin D helps our bodies to absorb and use the calcium for our bones. Foods that are high in these vitamins are cheese, yogurt, milk, orange juice and high-fat fishes.

Even with prevention and proactive measures, osteoporosis can still plague an individual. Sometimes this is due to genetics, while other times it is caused by another underlying condition. If you suffer from a foot fracture or suspect that you have osteoporosis in your feet, call a podiatrist for treatment immediately. Call Achilles Foot and Ankle Surgery, PC located in Martins Ferry, Ohio and St. Clairsville, Ohio, as well as Wheeling West Virginia. There Dr. Bruce G. Blank and his staff can help you make the best of your bone and foot health. Call 740-633-4188 or make an appointment online today.