Diseases Can Cause Heel Pain


When walking, it can be very detrimental and aggravating to suffer from heel pain. Walking is one of our main methods of transportation, and when we suffer from pain while walking, standing or partaking in general activity, it can cause us to lose out on special moments and memories. Heel pain should always be diagnosed by a podiatrist. Until you can get in to see your podiatrist, read up on some of the underlying causes that can result in heel pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This and other forms of arthritis usually appear in the big toe joint. Sometimes this pain can spread and also cause discomfort in the heel. This includes a condition called gout.


Bursitis is a condition in which the small sac of fluid becomes inflamed. This swelling and irritation can cause heel pain.


A neuroma is a growth of soft tissue around a nerve. If this occurs toward the back of the foot, it can radiate pain to the heel.

Haskins Deformity

This condition causes the enlargement of the bone at the back of the heel. It is also known as a pump bump. This deformity is usually caused by pressure against a shoe that is caused by bursitis. It can be further aggravated by certain types of shoes.

Achilles Tendonitis

When the Achilles’ tendon at the back of the heel becomes inflamed, it can also cause pain. This is especially true when walking or running. The tendon runs right along the heel bone and can cause pain in the heel if aggravated.

Bone Spur

A bone spur is a growth of bone that can appear on the back of the heel. These spurs can become painful and cause inflammation in the heel.

Bone Bruise

These are common injuries that cause inflammation of the tissue that covers the heel bone. A traumatic impact from a blunt object can cause a bone bruise.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why your heel may be hurting. Only a trained podiatrist can figure out the exact cause and order proper treatment. Call Achilles Foot and Ankle Surgery, PC located in Martins Ferry, Ohio and St. Clairsville, Ohio, as well as Wheeling West Virginia. There Dr. Bruce G. Blank and his staff can help you get to the bottom of your heel pain. Call 740-633-4188 or make an appointment online today.