Women’s Feet as They Age


Aging is a beautiful and natural part of life.  It is a process that we can embrace and accept in the moment. As we age, our body slowly becomes weaker as our muscles, tendons, ligaments and tissues are used and break down. The feet are used all of our lives as an important mode of transportation. As such, they tend to become tired and damaged faster than other extremities. It is important to take extra good care of your feet as we age due to this deterioration.

The protective fat pads along the soles of the feet degenerate with age, which can lead to foot problems for senior women. Most people in general experience some sort of foot problem with age; however, it is important to know that foot problems can be a symptom of several serious health issues. Some of these health conditions include but are not limited to:

At the first sign of a foot problem, women over age 65 should contact a health care provider such as a podiatrist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Changes in the foot’s appearance, as well as sudden and chronic pain, should never be ignored. These serious symptoms are often warning bells for a bigger underlying problem. Many of these problems can be fixed if treated promptly. Unfortunately, if some of these conditions are left alone, then they cannot be reversed.

How can I keep my feet healthy?

  • Keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Wear properly-fitting, supportive, shock-absorbing shoes with a soft upper that will conform to the foot’s shape.
  • Check your feet and toenails daily for cuts, wounds and ulcers.  If you find any, treat them immediately or call a podiatrist.
  • Maintain good circulation to the lower extremities: walk frequently, avoid sitting for long periods without stretching and massage your legs regularly.

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