Not All Toes are Created Equal

It is well known that every foot is different. Its shape, width, length, and texture can vary from person to person. Some people have long narrow feet while others have short wide ones. No two feet or footprints are the same. Most feet have generally the same look and that is how we can recognize what they are. Some feet are a little extra different though. Certain feet can have toes that are webbed between the toes. Webbed toes should not cause panic and do not cause a problem.

Webbed toe syndrome is also known as syndactyly. This syndrome occurs in about 1 out of every 2,000 or so births. The level of severity of the deformity can vary quite drastically from person to person. Some toes are only partially webbed. Some feet only have specific toes that are webbed, while other feet have an entire set of toes that are webbed. Toes can be webbed on both feet or only one foot. The most common occurrence of webbing is between the second and the third toe. Syndactyly is thought to be caused by genetics, so you can thank your family’s genes for this feature.

Some people dislike their webbed toes and others love them. The feeling varies, but overall treatment is usually not necessary. This is because webbed toes are more of a cosmetic problem than they are a functional problem. In most cases it is left untreated. An x-ray isn’t even needed to diagnose the disorder.

Some parents choose to have their children undergo surgery to have the webbed toes fixed. Podiatrists like Dr. Bruce G. Blank recommend waiting for corrective surgery until the child is old enough to care for their feet post-surgery. This is because without proper treatment the webbing can return or a severe infection could occur.

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