Preventing Work Injuries Through Job Design

As an employer, it is important to make sure that business is up and running smoothly to maintain your income and career. It also usually means hiring staff that will help support your business so that it can stay operating. When designing jobs for your business, it is important to asses each position carefully, especially when considering employee health. As an employer, your employee’s health is linked to their work environment and their employer. It is a direct representation of the company as a whole. With proper job design, an employer can limit the risk of foot and ankle work related injuries that could befall their employees.

While creating future employee positions, it is important to consider varying each worker's workload and allotted tasks. For example, if an employee needs to stand for a large period of their shift, consider also assigning them tasks that allow them to sit for a period of time during their shift. This will allow their feet a break and help to prevent overuse injuries. Here are more tips regarding job design with foot and ankle health in mind.

  • Create a teamwork-oriented setting in the workplace. This allows for each employee to take on a different type of task and to share other more strenuous tasks. Not only will other jobs get done faster, it will also allow for employees to rotate jobs and shifts so that their bodies are constantly changing position, alleviation the stress on the feet.
  • Breaks are key for every employee. Every employee deserves a break for lunch, but also consider allowing them to get off their feet for a few short minutes at least twice a day. This will help improve their overall foot health and help prevent injuries.
  • Have employees rotate jobs during their shift. At first have them stand at a counter and help with customer service. Later, have them audit a register or review inventory while sitting in a back office.
  • Enlarge the scope of current employees' jobs if they are already assigned tasks that limit them to a singular standing position all day.

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