Injecting Relief into the Lives of Tarsal Tunnel Patients

Sometimes people do not take care of their bodies as well as they should. This goes double for the care of our feet. Because we use our feet so often, they are at higher risk for disorders, injuries and disease. These types of conditions can cause chronic pain and hinder a person’s lifestyle. One very common example of a disorder that does this is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This syndrome makes pain occur in the base of a patient’s foot. It can be so bad that it is hard to walk and it also can cause a numb or burning feeling.

Luckily there is a way that podiatrists can help combat the pain and suffering of Tarsal tunnel syndrome. An injection can help people who suffer from this syndrome and have chronic pain, pain when bearing weight, burning or other symptoms.

This injection can help alleviate or eliminate pain in the posterior tibial nerve which contributes to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Before getting an injection, a podiatrist will also recommend that a patient consider other treatment options such as stretching, rest, orthotics, new shoes or over the counter pain medications. If, after trying all of these methods, a patient is still experiencing pain, then they may choose to seek the route of a medicated injection.

When the injection occurs, typically at a regular appointment in the office, the podiatrist will first sterilize the injection site and equipment. Once this is done, the podiatrist will position the patient and angle the needle at 30 degrees to the surface of the skin. They will then insert the needle and slowly administer the injection.

After an injection is complete, the doctor will have the patient wait in the same position for a few minutes to make sure that the medicine spreads correctly and naturally. They will recheck the injection site and make sure that no adverse effects have occurred. Sometimes these injections work for a long period of time and other times they do not.

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