Choose Socks by Sport

It can be very hard to choose the right sock for the right circumstance, especially if you are an athlete. Many sports stores have a plethora of socks to choose from. They come in all different shapes, styles, textures and fabrics. Many packages even have sayings and promises to drag consumers in so that they buy their product. So what socks are right for your sport and foot?


Tennis players should look for socks that are made up of terry yarn. They give the wearer a lot of cushion and comfort. Tennis players need cushioning at the heel, ball and toe of the foot. Cushioning helps to absorb shock. It also helps protect the arch and toes when making quick, heavy movements. Without the proper cushioning, a tennis player can end up with an overuse injury such as Plantar Fascia.


Runners also need a lot of cushioning in their socks. The cushion should support the heel, toes and the ball of the foot. Cushioning also helps to prevent blisters. Overall, the ideal running sock should have less bulkiness overall and a flat piece of fabric over the instep.


Usually, baseball players need socks that are longer and slightly more restrictive so the socks won't sag during a game. If socks do fall down during a game, it can interfere with their performance and concentration. Cushioning is also very important to a baseball player. The cushion protects their feet and their legs for long-term athletics.


These athletes tend to prefer thinner and lightweight socks. This allows them to feel the pedal better and to be more agile. Cyclist socks should also be moisture wicking so that their feet do not stay damp or wet as they bike through different climates and weather changes.

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