5 Types of Severe Foot Fractures


An acute fracture to your foot or ankle can happen in many different situations, which is one of the reasons that fractures of the foot and ankle are among the most frequent problems seen by your foot doctor. They can occur playing sports and exercising, or just by stubbing your toe.

Everyone knows that part of the risk taken by professional athletes is that they are more susceptible to a bone fracture due to the constant stress and physical demands of their sport. But even those of us who partake in relatively lower-stress weekly exercise routines are susceptible to breaking a bone on occasion.

Accidents and falls are also a leading cause of foot and ankle fractures. Using custom orthotics is an excellent way to help with recovery and to avoid future falls and fractures.

Bone fractures are characterized by the amount of force that impacts the bone and the location (or dislocation) of the corresponding sections.

Acute bone fractures that affect the feet and ankles include the following 5 major types:

1)    Comminuted fracture—When a bone is broken into many pieces, extensive reconstruction is required.

2)    Oblique fracture—This type of fracture spreads across the foot diagonally.

3)    Transverse— This type of bone fracture is characterized by a horizontal injury.

4)    Compound fracture—When the bone breaks through the skin, it is called a compound fracture. This is the most severe type and requires surgery to fix.

5)    Stable fracture—As the name implies, when the bones are not severely displaced, the fracture is more stable and easier to treat.

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