Ingrown Toenails Can Be Hard To Treat


The painful condition of an ingrown toenail is called onychocryptosis. While sometimes making a simple change to your footwear will alleviate the problem, at other times the condition can be harder to treat and requires the help of your podiatrist.

Some of the causes of ingrown toenails include the following:

1)    Improper nail-cutting technique—The main cause of a nail growing into your skin is from improper toenail cutting methods. The nails should be cut straight across with an appropriate toenail clipper to be certain that the nail is cut evenly and not too short.

2)    Injury—Stubbing or injuring your toe can cause the nail to grow into the tender skin on the edge of your nail.

3)    Tightly-fitting shoes—Footwear with narrow toe boxes like high heels can cause pressure on the toes, forcing the nail to grow incorrectly.

4)    Fungal toenail infection—This infection can cause a toenail to become brittle and to grow in the wrong direction.

Treatment of ingrown toenails

Depending upon the severity of the ingrown toenail, treatments can be either straightforward or your nail may require surgery:

●     A less severe ingrown toenail can be treated with warm water soaks and antibacterial ointment. You can also insert a small piece of cotton under the edge of the nail to help it grow up and over the skin.

●     For severe cases where bleeding and infection occur, your foot doctor can perform a simple outpatient procedure involving the numbing of the toe and surgical removal of the ingrown piece of nail.

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