Always Seek Treatment for Ankle Sprains


Landing awkwardly on your foot while playing sports and absentmindedly rolling your foot over while negotiating a sidewalk are two of the many ways that you can twist your ankle and cause a sprain. The ankle joint is comprised of a multitude of tissues, ligaments, and tendons that hold it together. When they become overly stretched or even torn, severe pain, swelling, and immobility will often be the result.

Seeking prompt medical attention with your foot care professional is always the best way to accurately assess the injury and to help avoid future ankle injuries.

Prompt treatment for ankle sprains is essential:

●     To avoid future complications—An ankle sprain that isn’t allowed to heal properly can result in chronic ankle instability and weakness. This can make you more likely to sprain your ankle again. Always treat even seemingly minor sprains with great care, and slowly increase strength and flexibility with physical therapy exercises.

●     To rule out other injuries—An ankle sprain can also mask other injuries. This is why you should always have a complete evaluation with your podiatrist to rule out a fracture, torn ligament or other injury.

Treatment for ankle sprains includes the following:

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (the RICE method) should be promptly initiated to avoid further injury. Ibuprofen can be taken to reduce inflammation and pain. Wearing a rigid boot may be needed to immobilize the ankle during the healing process, and a comprehensive physical therapy and strengthening program will be required for proper healing. For severe sprains and injuries, surgery may be necessary.

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