Treat Hammertoes Early to Avoid Surgery


Treating the complications created by hammertoes can really make you wish you had dealt with the problem at an earlier time. When you first notice that your toes are becoming more bent than usual, make an appointment with your podiatrist to accurately assess the situation. With proper treatment, you can avoid corns, calluses and the future need for surgery.

Not only can painful corns be avoided from forming on the top of hammertoes, but also you can avoid having the toe that is bent out of the normal position from requiring surgery,

What type of hammertoes do I have?

You can have either flexible or rigid hammertoes. The degree of the deformity determines what kind of surgery will be needed. Your foot doctor will realign the toe joints to reduce any contractions. After the recovery period, your toes will be able to provide more support when you are standing or walking.

2 types of hammertoe surgery include:

1)    Joint resection surgery—Surgery that is used mostly for inflexible hammertoes and joint manipulation using hardware and screws to help move them to the correct position.

2)    Fusion—This type of surgery modifies the joint that is bent in the wrong position. In this procedure, the ligaments and tendons around the toe are also repaired to achieve healing. If you have flexible hammertoes, a surgical procedure involving the relocation of a tendon from the top of the toe to the bottom can produce the correct alignment. Check with your foot doctor to see if this is right for you.

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