How To Treat Capsulitis


Pain in the ball of the foot is caused by a variety of problems. A very common cause of this condition is called capsulitis. The condition was given this name because it occurs near the big toe in an area encapsulated by tissues, tendons and ligaments.       

When these tissues and ligaments become inflamed due to injury or illness, it causes considerable pain and discomfort. Having improperly treated flat feet and wearing shoes that are too tight can exacerbate the problem.

Performing activities that require bending the toes, such as from climbing a ladder repetitively for work, is also a risk factor. If you have tight calf muscles, bunions, or arthritis, you may also be more likely to develop problems in the ball of the foot. Left untreated, capsulitis could possibly lead to a dislocation of the joint of the toe.

Early diagnosis is essential in order for conservative treatments to work properly and will involve stabilizing the joint and minimizing pain and swelling.

Early treatments for capsulitis include the following: 

1)    Resting, elevation, and taping—Eliminating the pressure on the ball of the foot is required to lessen the discomfort and speed healing. Buddy taping the toes, where adjacent toes are taped together, will limit movement and reduce pain.

2)    Custom orthotic insertsProperly positioned orthotic shoe inserts are useful for isolating the ball of the foot so that irritation is minimized and healing can proceed more quickly.

3)    Steroid injections—Injections of corticosteroids will help curb inflammation and pain.

If toe dislocation has occurred, surgery may be necessary to correct the problem.

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